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  • general clinical and diagnostic examination
  • specialized ophthalmologic examination with diagnostic tests
  • specialized dermatological examination with diagnostic tests
  • specialized otoscopic examination with diagnostic tests
  • specialized dental examination
  • specialized cardiologic examination, and ECG and echocardiography
  • consultations
  • ultrasonic examination of abdominal organs
  • blood pressure test
  • visiting homes
  • visits using own transport
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  • full blood count
  • blood biochemistry test
  • full urine test, including sediment and via refractometer
  • study of stool specimens for parasites
  • microsporia studies microscopic and culture
  • dirophilariosis studies microscopic and serological
  • cytological study
  • biopsy via puncture and tissue sampling
  • microsopic study of dermal material
  • serological diagnostics of infectious and transmissive diseases
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DOG monovalent parvirosis
bivalent parvirosis and canine distemper
quadrivalent canine distemper/parvirosis/infectious hepatitis/adenovirus
quintavalent canine distemper/parvirosis/infectious hepatitis/adenovirus/Para influenza
7-valent canine distemper/parvirosis/infectious hepatitis/adenovirus/leptospirosis
8-valent canine distemper/parvirosis/infectious hepatitis/adenovirus/Para influenza/leptospirosis/rabies
vaccination against contagious cough
vaccination against piroplasmosis
vaccination against microsporia

CAT trivalent panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus
quadrivalent panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus/rabies
quadrivalent panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus/leucosis
quintavalent panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus/leucosis/rabies
trivalent recombinant panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus
quadrivalent recombinant panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus/rabies
quintavalent recombinant panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus/leucosis/Chlamydia
6-valent recombinant panleucopenia/herpes virus/calici virus/leucosis/ Chlamydia/rabies
vaccination against microsporia

FERRET bivalent parvirosis and canine distemper
monvalent rabies

RABBIT vaccination against Rabbit haemorrhagic disease
  • hospitalization-inpatient
  • fluid therapy
  • physiological parameter monitoring using patient monitor
  • euthanasia
  • deworming / internal parasites
  • deworming/external parasites
  • mite removal
  • issuance of passport
  • issuance of international passport
  • implantation of a microchip with the required registration
  • preparation of documents required for going abroad
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  • subcutaneous, intramuscular injection
  • cleaning of the anal glands
  • cleaning and flushing of anal glands with included local therapy
  • flushing of the prepuce with local therapy
  • removal of foreign object from the ear and paw
  • treatment of abscess and phlegmon
  • treatment of the wound without a suture
  • Cystocentesis
  • catheterization
  • catheterization for fleine urological syndrome
  • enema of small pets
  • enema of large animal
  • soft dressing
  • dressing of plaster and strip
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  • treatment of a wound and suture
  • removal of skin tumors
  • extirpation of anal glands
  • umbilical hernia
  • traumatic hernia / eventration
  • Inguinal, scrotal, femoral hernia
  • Perineal hernia
  • Perineal tumors
  • adjustment of prolapse of the rectum without bowel necrosis
  • adjustment of prolapse of the rectum with bowel necrosis
  • Ear surgery
  • othematom
  • removal of polyps and tumors of the ear canal
  • ear canal ablation
  • surgery of the tail
  • diagnostic laparoscopy of a dog
  • diagnostic laparoscopy of a cat
  • scrotal uretrostomia
  • perianal uretrostomia
  • surgery the urinary bladder
  • osteosynthesis of shoulder and thigh bone
  • osteosynthesis of forearm and lower thigh
  • osteosynthesis via external fixation
  • surgical treatment of broken ties
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Cosmetic procedures
Cosmetic procedures
  • dog trimming
  • cat trimming
  • partial cosmetic trimming without shaping or maintenance of haircut
  • partial cosmetic trimming with shaping or maintenance of haircut
  • cutting and filing of nails
  • cutting and filing of rodent teeth
  • cutting and filing of birds bills
  • insertion of silicone tips on the nails
  • tick removal
  • cleaning of ears
  • cleaning and flushing of ears plus local therapy
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Dental care most dental interventions require anesthesia
Dental care most dental interventions require anesthesia
  • extraction of calf teeth
  • extraction of second teeth
  • dental scaling, instrumental
  • dental scaling using ultrasonic scaler
  • treatment of lower jaw fractures
  • removal of ginguinal tumors
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Ophthalmology most ophthalmologic interventions require anesthesia
Ophthalmology most ophthalmologic interventions require anesthesia
  • intraconjunctival injection
  • test for tear secretion
  • fluorescein test
  • surgery - falling of the eyeball
  • extirpation of of the eyeball
  • dermoid cyst removal
  • plastic surgery for ectropium
  • removal of tumors from eyelids
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  • vaginal PAP smear
  • artificial insemination
  • natal care
  • Caesarian operation
  • feline pyometra
  • canine pyometra
  • male cat neutering
  • feline ovariohysterectomia , economic option
  • female cat ovariohysterectomia
  • Male dog neutering
  • feline ovariohysterectomia , economic option
  • female dog ovariohysterectomia
  • removal of mammal tumors
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